Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've found out some things today:

  1. Mike and I have different parenting techniques when it comes to some small things yet we both seem to get the same result.  That's great.
  2. I know all the hazards of doing this but Katers sleeps really well with her head slightly propped up on a towel so she can breathe better.  She doesn't wake herself up because she can't breathe and coughs.  Instead she breathes well and her nose gets plenty of airflow. 
  3. She needs her naps or she is a very, very sad guppy.
  4. She doesn't like pears.  In fact, I think she dislikes them more than bananas and oatmeal.  Lucky for me, I got to eat her pears since she doesn't like them and boy were they good!  I love steamed pears!
  5. She goes to sleep really, really well as long as we don't get her down for naps and bed late.  
  6. Cloth diapers are the best ... but I have to remember to change her or else there may be leaks.  Oops.

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