Saturday, December 11, 2010

We went up to Idaho for my grandma's funeral.  Mike and I had a hard time deciding whether we should make the trip in one day or stay overnight in Idaho.  We made the decision to stay overnight and we're still not sure if that was the best decision.  Not only did we get the cutie into bed about 2 hours later than we normally do, but she couldn't go to sleep so I held her until she did and then 2 hours after she fell asleep, she started waking up every half hour to hour and would cry.

When we made the decision to stay in Idaho, we knew this might happen but I didn't expect it to be this bad.  In fact, it was much worse than our first night with the kiddo.  I mean, imagine waking up every 30-60 minutes for 6 straight hours because you have a crying baby ... it was anything but fun.  It's unfortunate that she despises sleeping anywhere else but home as much as she does.  We were hoping to go out of town for Christmas but after Thursday night, I don't think that's in our plans anymore.  We value sleep too much.

She had to sit in her car seat a lot yesterday because we did a lot of driving and she did so well.  We got home a little late last night but despite that, K slept like a rock last night and I think she really enjoyed sleeping in her own bed.  I know I did.

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