Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our weekend in Cedar City ended up being much better with K than expected.  She got her own crib in the corner of the room we were staying in (which was about the normal distance between our bed and her's at home) and she got plenty of rest since we didn't go anywhere - we went outside once while staying there and then quickly went back inside.  She also absolutely loved being with her cousins and loved all of their wrapping paper that they had taken off of their gifts.

Unfortunately, it wasn't until we got home that we got to suffer from the vacation.  The night we got home, poor Mike didn't get much sleep since K seemed to want to stay up all night.  I was exhausted so I slept through most of it but it involved a lot of crying.  The day after wasn't great either.  She was really fussy and grumpy.  But today's a good day.  She's enjoying helping me edit photos and figure out this awesome "The Eleventh Hour" book that Mike got for Christmas!

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  1. I love Graeme Base. We grew up reading his books. Jungle Drums is my favorite.