Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I've been up for a couple of hours now (and it's only 6:40 am) so I don't remember how I know this but a friend who is a new mom (12 days!) said that she went to bed at 1 am and her baby sleeps roughly 4 hours (amazing!) and so she gets up around 5 am (I'm guessing).  This is a morning when I really envy that.  Not so much the getting up at 5 am but the going to bed around 1 am.  Okay, I actually really like going to bed early but the days of not having to be home at 7 pm to get a baby into bed were really nice.

I would think that if we put a baby in bed at 9 pm (instead of 7 pm) that she would wake up later the next morning (like 8:30 am instead of 6:30 am) but for some reason, that's not the case.  Instead, she wakes up earlier ... and she wakes up so grumpy!  I tried to put her back to sleep this morning instead of getting up with her but she would have none of that.  The more I tried to calm her down, the more she screamed.  And I'll admit, it was slightly funny to me.  I still find it funny when she thinks she's not going to eat because I'm not feeding her - I wish she knew that she's going to survive if she waits to eat a little longer.

But right now I have it pretty good - a sleeping baby and a sleeping husband.  Yesterday morning at this time, I was on my way to the living room for some working out (because I had already had 8 hours of sleep!) but this morning, I think I will just sit in the peaceful silence, relax, look at the morning snow, and watch some "House Hunters."

(By the way, if you're reading this Christa, it's okay that we kept K up late so we could hang out with you guys last night - if we had really cared about how well K was going to sleep last night, we would've stayed home. :) )

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