Monday, November 8, 2010

K's learning to sit up on her own.  It's so fun and it's really funny when she has herself balanced leaning forward on her hands and all of the sudden her balance is gone and she head dives right into the floor.  Well, at first it was really scary and she cried but now we just sit her back up and she continues like nothing happened. 

We just have to keep remembering that these are just the beginnings of all the falls she's going to take during her lifetime.  Lucky for her she's only 25 inches so when she falls, it's not a bad fall at all. 

In other news, she still hates when we try to encourage her to roll or crawl, well, she hates it if I'm around.  If it's just Mike, it's questionable as to how miserable it is.  I guess when she's ready, she'll attempt it.  For now, however, she'll only stay on her tummy for a max of 5 minutes and she'll go into complete screaming if we don't sit her up before she gets upset.  But as soon as we sit her up or help her stand, she's fine.

By the way, the other day Mike and I realized that when K grows 4 1/2 more inches, she will be exactly half as tall as me.  Wow.  They grow up so quickly.

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