Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As usual, last night, Mike and I sat down with K to read a bedtime story.  These fairytale stories are about 12 pages long - writing on one side, a picture on the other.  I was reading last night and about half way down the page, K started talking.  I just wanted to get the story over with (secretly so I could go play Mario Kart with Mike) so I kept reading over and around her talking.  At the end of the page, however, she was too noisy and that's when it hit me - she wanted to read the bedtime story!

So Mike and I listened to 6 well-read pages of this fairytale.  She pointed to pictures, pointed to the words, and occasionally tried to chew on the pages, but at the end of the story she was done talking and Mike and I felt very satisfied with the story she had just told.  We're looking forward to tonight to see what kind of story she comes up with next!


  1. So cute! She never talks when I'm around. I'm sure it's super cute though.

  2. That's what Izzy does too. If you try and talk over her she just talks louder and she has to be able to turn the pages herself. Silly girls! They are growing up too fast.