Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've been debating whether I should stop this blog or not but I haven't come to a decision yet so I guess I'll make a post.

Today I helped K stand up in front of the mirror and she loved it. We probably could've stayed there much longer than we did but I thought 5 minutes of vanity was enough for now. But she loved it. At first she seemed confused and amazed. She just stared. But then she smiled and laughed. Then we would play rocket and she would burst into the air and return safely to land. She loved that too. She loved watching herself.

Everyday she gets better at sitting up by herself. She's so determined and she enjoys it so much. Unfortunately she still doesn't enjoy rolling but I'm sure she'll get there one day. I hope she does. After my inservice meetings I used to have for my motor aide job, I've learned that kids develop at different rates and learn different things at different times so I'm not too worried. I just think that it'd be so much easier to roll and crawl than walk but I can't stop her so for now, I'll still say every time she stands, "Look at you! You're doing so good!" and she'll continue to love every praise I give her ... and I love it so much more than she does!

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