Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As I'm writing this on my bed, K is sitting next to me holding a bag of Gobstoppers.  It's amazing.  Last week she was sitting up pretty well but she leaned forward a lot to keep her balance.  This week?  She's sitting up like it's no big deal.  She usually catches herself before she falls over and she reaches out and grabs things that are near her while she's sitting.

I think the pivotal moment in her learning to sit up was a few nights ago when I sat her down in my room in front of the mirror.  She was sitting just fine on her own, leaning forward, when all of the sudden she threw herself back and hit her head pretty hard on the floor.  I wasn't close enough to catch her with how hard she threw her weight back so I blame myself and I feel bad because she was really upset that night.  But amazingly enough, the day after when I sat her up, she sat just fine.  And now she won't stop sitting.  She gets upset when I don't sit her up and I lie her down instead.

And in case you were wondering, I'm going to continue writing on this blog for a while.  I've noticed my journal writing has greatly decreased since July and so I will continue this and print it off every now and then instead of handwriting everything in my journal.  It's just so much easier to blog than journal-write, don't you think?

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