Monday, September 6, 2010


Saturday morning Mike and I decided to take a trip to the hospital because this "stomach ache" that Mike had was getting worse. We went to Orem Community at 12:30 am and ended up leaving around 1:45 am to go to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and arrived around 2 am.

I, of course, was really worried about Mike. And for the first time in quite a few months, I couldn't blame all of my crying on pregnancy hormones. That was a bummer.

But I was also worried about K because this was the first night that she was going to be away from home for sleeping. When we arrived at UVRMC and got to his new room that he'd be in for the rest of the day, I took K out of her car seat and decided I'd hold her the rest of the morning because sleeping in a seat couldn't be that comfortable.

Although K would move and squirm every now and then, and she woke up quite a few times as I would reposition her or myself, she ended up staying asleep until 7:15 am, right after the surgeon found me to let me know everything had gone well. It was amazing. Apparently she is actually on a schedule of sleeping and all the lights and noise were not going to stop her from sleeping through the night! I wish I could have slept through the night like she did.

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