Thursday, September 23, 2010


K is smiling a lot more frequently these days which is nice. First, it must mean that she likes me at least a little bit. I mean, she doesn't just smile at anyone. I've seen her give some pretty nasty looks to her toys. Second, it means I don't have to wake Mike up early just so he can see her smiling and talking. It used to be the only time she was really, really happy.

In the past week, I've known 3 people who had their babies. That is quite a few. And I am so excited for them! It's only been 10 weeks but I almost miss holding a brand new baby. I remember in the hospital when Mike and I would discuss how old K was in hours. Hours! That's pretty amazing. I, however, don't miss the lack of sleep. But oh, I'm just so excited for them! Although hard at times, babies are just the best. I love my K so much.

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