Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dairy Queen

That's right. I am the queen of dairy. I love it all from yogurt to cheese to ice cream ... it's all so yummy. But the worst part is that K pays for it. I'm really lucky in that she doesn't cry at all when I eat it, poor girl just has really bad gas and diapers if I eat it excessively.

That's what happened yesterday and last night and today have been full of awful diapers. But it's really hard for me to not eat diary products. It's all just so good, including the yummy cheesecake Mike and I made.

K is getting quite a bit of chunk on her. It's quite funny to see all the rolls she's getting and her little fat dimples. So cute.

She also is just smiling a lot which is so fun. I enjoy putting K on the bed next to Mike every morning so he can wake up to a talkative, smiling cutie. He brought her in yesterday morning to wake me up with her like I do to him but it's just not the same. She was hungry and grumpy. But after eating, she was all smiles and wanted to tell us all about it.

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