Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Straightjacket Feeling

I used to love that song by All-American Rejects. In fact, I used to love most of their songs but I haven't been a fan of their music lately.

I think K kind of knows what they're talking about in that song though. The past two nights, she has been wrapped in what my sister-in-laws call "the straightjacket." It works really well in keeping K's little arms wrapped in a blanket all night. I feel sort of bad when I wrap her up and pin her arms to her side but I'm sure she's grateful that she doesn't wake herself up because she smacked her uncontrollable fist into her face.

This morning I woke up to her cooing and talking. I got up to see what she was up to since usually I wake up to her beginning to cry since she had just messed her diaper. But this morning when I walked in, she was just looking at the side of her crib, smiling, and talking away. Way too fun.

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