Saturday, August 28, 2010


One nice thing about now being a parent is that I get to make the decisions I think are best for her. Mike and I have a lot of ideas on parenting and we agree 99.9% of the time which is so nice. I always worried a few years ago that the person I married would be one who was okay with spanking and yelling at a kid because they did something wrong. We personally believe that both are types of abuse but there's a lot out there who do not and that's okay for them. It's just not okay for us.

One thing Mike's mom always says and reminds us of is that we are the parents and we now get to and have the responsibility to do what is best for our little K. And I agree. Parents should be very responsible for their children. Everyone else is just lucky and gets to enjoy the kids how they are.

Today I had an incident where a person was interacting with K and I asked this person to not do what they were doing. Instead of complying with me, the mother of the little one, this person said, "well, would you rather me..." like what they were currently doing was so much better than what they could have done. After my reply of "no," this person went back to what they were originally doing and did it in my plain sight, like they didn't believe me or that they thought they knew best for MY daughter.

I think one of the toughest parts about being a new parent is everyone telling you what to do, what's best for you and the baby, and what privileges they have because of their relation to the baby. It's overbearing and very stressful, especially for a pushover like me. I've tried to tell people how I really feel these past few years but sometimes it's best not to even argue, you know?

K is my favorite person on this whole earth besides my husband and I have been given, along with my husband, the responsibility to raise her. I've promised Heavenly Father that I will do all that I can to teach her how to survive in these last days and to teach her all I can about the gospel. I've promised to do what I think is best for her. And all of this is so hard when others don't respect that.

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