Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh, Oh, Oh

... That's what K says. She also opens her mouth into an "o" shape and we're still working on getting her to say "oooohhhhhhhh" like a true Asian.

I also got at least 4 straight hours of sleep last night. We're really not sure how much sleep it was because we can't really distinguish days from each other anymore. But anymore than 2 hours at a time of sleeping is very welcomed.

Mike's been really good about helping out with K lately. Sometimes he even jumps out of bed when she cries before I do. He can't do much to help but it's nice that he'll start changing her diaper and try to console her until I can get myself off the bed.

The attention she gets is always so funny to me. So far I haven't been one place with her when someone hasn't commented on her hair. She currently has about an inch and a half of hair. Yesterday in the mother's room at church, one lady was there with her 7-month old son. I'm pretty sure K had that much hair about 5 months ago. That poor kiddo was nearly bald. Although I bet those parents never have a problem with him pulling his own hair. We had to start worrying about it on day 1.

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