Monday, August 9, 2010

Miss Grumpy Pants

Lately K's been holding her pacifier. It has a little ring on it and she'll put her finger or fingers through it and hold her pacifier in place. She'll also just use her hand to push against it to hold it in.

Apparently this morning, Mike was taking care of her so I could sleep a little more and she was upset because she was hungry. Mike kept putting the pacifier in her mouth to keep her from crying but finally she had enough of that. She grabbed her pacifier, yanked it out of her mouth, and threw it across the room. She's only one month old!

Man, I am not looking forward to the next 18 years.


  1. haha...that's what Izzy does too! :) Usually she'll just put her hand in front to hold it in. But sometimes she grabs the little handle and pulls it out. :) Silly girls!

  2. So funny! She already threw it across the room?? That is hysterical. :)