Sunday, July 25, 2010


Last night, I cut Mike's hair. This was my first ever attempt and I was feeling pretty stressed because Mike has always been pretty particular about who touches his hair. After the last girl who cut his hair, however, he decided he never wanted to pay to get his hair cut again. This girl butchered his hair pretty good. He came home with one side longer than the other, one side boxy and one side rounded, and stray, long hairs all over the place.

However, last night, K was very fussy. She was hungry and wanted to be held during the entire time I was trying to cut his hair which only made me more stressed. I really just wanted to go to bed. Around midnight, I couldn't stand her crying and fussiness anymore so she had to lie in her crib until I was done with Mike's hair. She screamed and screamed and just as I was about to walk into her room, all of the screaming stopped. I rushed to her crib side to make sure she was alright and she was lying there whimpering with tears flowing down her cheeks. I had never seen anything so sad in my entire life.

I picked her up and held her and for the first time, I cried not because I felt stressed because she was crying, but because I felt so bad that she was crying. It was just the saddest sight I had ever seen.

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