Saturday, July 24, 2010

17 days old

Little K is 17 days old. Crazy. I love that we can still count days for how old she is. She's so precious and pure and perfect and I love it.

After K eats, she curls up into a little ball, wanting to go to sleep. As I hold her and look down at her, I still can't believe that she fit in my belly. I called Mike in a few nights ago to look at her and my belly as I tried to figure out how she even fit in there.

Life is finally becoming a little more normal. I really wanted to take this week out for myself without visitors, without disruptions to my bonding with little K and it was great. Yesterday, I stopped answering the phone (mostly because it only rang while I was asleep), I only looked at my email a few times to see if my friend had gotten the job she had interviewed for on Thursday, and I only responded to Mike's chats. It felt good. I really felt like I haven't really been able to bond with K much because I've felt stressed and worn out and there have been a lot of visitors who have never seen her before. This past week has been really good for K and I. And I'm definitely looking forward to spending more time with her.

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