Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am so grateful for my good genes. I have amazingly enough lost 20 pounds (15 in the first week after K's birth) and my back appreciates it a lot. So do my hips and feet. It's amazing to look down and see my feet without having to peer over my belly.

And I'm grateful my pre-pregnancy jeans fit. I wore a pair for the first time five days after K's birth and they buttoned! That hasn't happened since December and it was so nice. I no longer have to make a joke out of the fact that my pants are not buttoned.

One day at work, my coworker brought his girlfriend (now fiancee!) and she commented on how she liked my pants. I, all too willingly, told her that they are even better when the top buttons aren't fastened. She laughed ... probably out of a bit of awkwardness ... but the sad truth is that it was true and something I had dealt with for way too long. But not anymore! All of my pants' top buttons fasten and wow, it's so great.

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  1. You sure are lucky! Wish I will be able to say the same, but probably not!! Sheesh. Way to go.