Friday, June 25, 2010

week 38 day 6

Another nearly sleepless night has passed again ...

Last night I went outside to water the lawn and of course, I got mosquito bites. I received 3 last night. The worst part was when I got inside, I saw a mosquito come off of my jacket. It landed on the wall so I smashed it with my hand. It was the bloodiest insect I had ever seen. I'm guessing she took my blood from me so I didn't feel too bad about the mess and oddly felt satisfied until I realized that she took my blood to help her little ones and then I felt bad. I'd be pretty mad if I was getting the necessities for my babies and someone smushed me against a wall. But since she did get me ... someone got me 3 times, I couldn't sleep. The itchiness only increases my RLS so I got up at 6 am this morning and am now exhausted. I've just got to make it until about 3:30 pm until after my meeting and I can rest again.

And while I was outside, giving up my blood for little mosquitoes who will one day, more than likely, suck my blood too, Mike was inside doing this ...

So now, Baby Katie, we are 99% ready for you. If you would like to stay in there until July 12, there's one more thing we can do to prepare for you, but if you want to come now, your bed is ready for you, your toys are clean, your clothes have been washed, your room has been prepped, and your car seat has been in the car for weeks now so dad doesn't forget to grab it while we're in the hospital.

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