Sunday, June 6, 2010

week 36 day 1

Yikes! Week 36. I remember writing week 6 back a few months ago. Back then, there were only a few people who knew we were pregnant. We were quite afraid of miscarrying and so we decided to not tell people until almost week 12, a much safer week than 6. And now we're already at week 36. I really wasn't sure if this day would ever come.

I've woken up about every 2-4 hours during the night this past week. At first I was really annoyed because I want to sleep as much as possible before she comes. However, a couple nights into me waking up consistently, I decided that this is a good thing. It's getting me in the groove for the next couple of months.

By the end of the day, my back and stomach muscles all hurt, not to mention the fact that Katie likes to push down onto my pelvis causing me to feel quite uncomfortable. I'm still having some awesome (or not quite awesome at all) Braxton-Hicks contractions and some random ligament/nerve pains. She gets the hiccups quite frequently and I know that most women love it. Hiccups are definitely a good sign that all is well with the baby. But to be honest, I can't stand them, especially now that she's getting bigger. Oddly enough, they add to my RLS in the evening and there's just something that is so annoying about a strong, pulsing rhythm in my belly.

Mike has a really hard time getting up in the morning. I'm usually pretty tired as well (for some reason we always find a reason to stay up past midnight. Last night it was because of Chess) but I still get up when I need to. Mike will usually sleep until I wake him up letting him know that he needs to get up because he's going to be late. This morning, Mike needed to get up for a meeting and had his arm against my belly. I was wide awake from a bad dream but I was just laying there, feeling Katie kick. But this morning, Katie was kicking Mike. I couldn't help but think what a good girl she's going to be ... waking her dad up every morning because he's slept in again. Maybe Katie and I will take turns waking him up since that only seems fair.

We ended up buying a crib yesterday. We've been back and forth on one for the past couple of months, never quite pinpointing which crib we absolutely love. We were going to go with a convertible crib but after falling madly in love with a $400 convertible crib that would turn out to be closer to $500 by the time we bought the conversion kit, we decided that we should just buy a normal crib since toddler cribs aren't necessary.

We chose one and were happy with it but as we turned around, we saw a convertible crib that was a little cheaper, looked similar to the one we had just picked out but it was convertible and had a backboard that we liked better than the normal crib. And actually, we found out later that the "normal" crib was actually a convertible one as well.

Anyway, before we could change our minds, we bought it and got out of that store. We ended up getting the same crib as Kristin and Chad (sorry, we hope that doesn't bother you) and we think it'll work just fine. I still absolutely love the $500 crib but Mike said that if we ever have a really nice house and a baby ... and money, we can buy the crib. The likelihood of having all 3 is very, very slim, but it gives me hope for the future.


  1. Yay for getting a crib! You should post a picture of her nursery once you get it all put up

  2. Nope, it doesn't bother us at all! :) That's exciting that you finally got your crib!!