Tuesday, June 1, 2010

week 35 day 3

The past couple of days I've had some good uterus pains. I was quite frightened last night when I thought I was having actual contractions. They probably weren't but it made dinner pretty frightful.

Today I've had some good tightening feelings and it's just crazy to realize how close this is getting. We put the car seat in the car just so we're ready for in a few weeks when we're heading to the hospital. Plus this will be good because sometimes Mike's lack of memory prevents him from remembering where things are and we're slightly afraid that he won't be able to find the car seat when it's time. Anyway, as we've been riding around in the car, it seems pretty crazy that we have a car seat all strapped in and ready to go.

I've found that putting a pillow or blanket under my belly helps a little with the muscle pain above my uterus but when I do that, I can feel Katie move a lot. It's pretty crazy how big she's getting. I can also feel her pushing on my pelvis a lot more. It's an odd feeling. I can't really explain it other than it just feels like there is a lot of weight pushing down.

And have I mentioned that sneezing hurts? I rarely ever sneeze but I have been a lot lately and it hurts to tighten all my muscles so much.


  1. Oh wow, you're getting so close! I'm excited for you. You can't have her before your baby shower!

  2. You should take a picture of your dropped belly!

  3. oh my gosh, sneezing hurts me too! And I'm not even halfway yet! It's like my kidneys cramp up or something (or that general region of my body!)