Tuesday, May 4, 2010

week 31 day 3

Moving and working is slow going while pregnant, for me at least. It's crazy how much slower I work. My body just is so tired. Everyday I wake up and think, "I'm going to take a nap around 1 or 2 pm. That gives me enough time to get some work in before and after my nap." Yet everyday, I make it all the way to 5 or 6 pm and that's when it hits me. I'm exhausted.

Luckily Katie is able to get the sleep she needs whether I'm able to sleep or not. The past few days have been fun with Katie getting bigger. I can always feel her moving and she moves a lot! Last night, Mike watched her rolling and twisting. I like when he can finally see what I've been feeling all day.

By the way, our new place finally has room for Katie. We have the option of setting her crib up in our room or her own room ... that she will share with a bookcase, desk, and a few other random things that are hidden away. We'll also have room in our living room for her things and possibly even a high chair! Too bad we don't have any of it but hopefully we will in 8 weeks!

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