Wednesday, March 31, 2010

week 26 day 4

So not only am I waddling, but I can't sit for too long or my organs hurt around my stomach.  I can't stand for too long because my back hurts.  The only good position is to lie on my side.

Last night, I woke up to use the bathroom and I had some serious pains in my left leg.  I had been lying on my back, asleep, and I'm guessing the baby weight was pressing on my sciatic nerve.  Ouch.  I sat up screaming in pain and luckily Mike was already awake.  He helped me up and I just hoped that I wouldn't roll back onto my back during sleep.  I think I ended up lying mostly on the side of my stomach the rest of the evening.

But like my visiting teacher said, it's always good to get the first pregnancy out of the way because the first is just a complete mystery.  With each day I'm learning more about what I can expect for the next pregnancy.

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