Sunday, March 7, 2010

week 23 day 1

I slept in pretty late this morning.  In fact, I'm still in bed as I'm writing this.  And so my worry this morning is sleep.  How do new mothers get sleep?  When do they sleep?  I'm hoping this will change but I do this really awful thing where if I wake up and I'm up for too long and I start actually waking up from my sleepiness, I have a really hard time going back to sleep.  In fact, usually I don't go back to sleep for a few hours.  I really hope I grow out of that.  It's really frustrating.

I've enjoyed the past couple nights of sleep.  I haven't woken up until about 7 am which rarely happens.  I know my body pretty well right now.  I can usually count on needing to use the restroom as soon as I arrive somewhere new.  There's something about traveling and walking that always makes me need to go.  If I go to bed before midnight, I can count on waking up at 2:30 am and 5 am to use the bathroom.  If I go to bed around midnight or later than midnight and I don't have much fluids left in me at that point, I will wake up at 4 am to go.  And in the rare cases like the past couple nights that I go to bed around midnight or later and have completely emptied out my bladder multiple times right before bed, I won't wake up until 7 am.

I am also beginning to understand the baby's kicking patterns.  I can guarantee that she'll be kicking from 8:30-9 am.  She is also pretty active around 12-1 pm.  She also kicks anytime between 7-12 pm quite a bit as well.  The rest of the day is more random, at least I think it is.  Maybe she has a pattern at other times too, I just haven't noticed yet.  With my ever-changing schedule, it's hard to really sit and figure out what is going on.

Kicking is such a fun and interesting thing to me.  It doesn't distract me as much as it used to which is really good.  I can actually focus now when she's kicking.  And it's odd because as I do everyday things, like write on this blog, she's just down there kicking and throwing her little punches.  It's just crazy to me that I'm growing this little human inside me and she's moving!  And when she's not moving that much, I always wonder, is she sucking her thumb like she did for the ultrasound?  Ah, so much fun.

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  1. Holy cow, that's a lot of pee! haha, I would hate having to get up that often to pee. Umm, from what I have heard about moms, and the sleep thing is you sleep as often and as much and whenever you can. It seems like for the first little bit there isn't a schedule until you set up a feeding schedule, so you sleep when the baby sleeps. Maybe because you'll be so worn out and tired that you won't have to worry about waking from your sleepyness.