Tuesday, March 2, 2010

week 22 day 3

I volunteer to teach an afterschool cooking club.  I'm there for 10 weeks, one hour each week, and get $300 at the end of it ... not too bad of a deal, or so I thought.

After the first two weeks of club I was ready to quit.  These kids are worse than my 4-H kids and my kids are at-risk youth!  However, with my staff training and this "Love & Logic" book I'm reading, I have slowly been able to take control of my class.  Normally the supervisor, Rachelle walks in and my class is going crazy.  They're all over the place, everyone's talking, and it's madness.  Yesterday she walked in and every single student was sitting down in their chair, silent and I wasn't even talking!  They were just being good!

I look at these club experiences as good warm ups to actually having children.  With the Corrigan side of the family, I expect a lot of broken bones, hurt feelings, and a lot of climbing and jumping on everything.  Somehow the Corrigans just have a lot of energy ... something I don't have.

I enjoy being able to take these simple ideas and apply them to the youth I work with.  I have seen huge improvements over the last few weeks and I am really hoping this makes parenting easier. 

Last night, the baby kicked for about 4 1/2 hours in a row.  And these were no gentle kicks.  These were kicks that were moving my belly quite strongly.  I had Mike rest his hand on my stomach to see if it would calm her down.  It did but then he moved his hand and she was back to kicking.  He was surprised as to how much she was kicking.  I'm not sure what was up last night but she had a lot of energy to get out against my insides.  I was finally able to go to sleep around midnight last night when she slowed her kicking.


  1. Sounds like Katie was having a party last night. :) Fun!

  2. I have heard that what you eat can really effect their energy levels like that.

  3. I always kind of liked feeling the baby kick inside me...well, other than when trying to sleep. :) It's such a crazy feeling! I love reading your blog. I'm glad your pregnancy is going well!