Monday, February 8, 2010

week 19 day 2

I've been asking Mike for the past few minutes and contemplating for the past half hour or so what I really wanted to blog about.  I'm pretty sure I either discovered this topic at work or in the bathroom ...  I can't remember which one.  And I don't think that this is actually it, but I can be fairly certain that it was about not being able to remember.

Tonight we had a wonderful 3-hour staff training.  Sounds long, eh?  But somehow it wasn't.  There were games and really good information that I wish I had known 8 months ago.  But we played Jeopardy with the things that we had just been trained on for what, 2 hours?  Two straight hours of learning about these 15 concepts.  It was good but you would think I would remember them, right?

Wrong.  I'm glad I had a partner because I couldn't remember a single thing.  And I'd like to blame it on the fact that there was pressure to get the right answers but there really wasn't.  I'm pretty sure it's just pregnancy.  And I don't know if I fully believe that pregnancy hormones cause a loss of memory but I can definitely vouch for the fact that I have lost a lot of memory since November. 

I am going to blame my "pregnancy brain" on the fact that there's a lot to be stressed about while being pregnant, especially for the first time, I'm guessing.

For example, I'm very protective of anyone hitting my stomach.  I don't usually worry about it because I haven't grown enough for it to really get in the way, other than to let food fall down in front of me, but I do worry when kids are around me.  A few nights ago, my neice sat down on my lap but sat down more on my stomach than anything.  And it wasn't a gentle, graceful sitting.  It was hard and quick and scared me quite bad.  The poor little baby got all jumbled up, I'm sure.

And then I always worry about it moving.  Can I really feel it?  I think I can but it's not that consistent.  Saturday night I ate some Snake Bites from Texas Roadhouse and they are the spiciest things I've eaten in months.  Minutes later I'm pretty sure the baby had tasted it and was tossing and turning and hoping I wouldn't eat any more.  After the rumbling stopped, from the baby, I'm sure, I ate another one and it all started over again.  Fun stuff.  But I'm constantly wondering if it's still moving.

I also worry about my recent sugar addiction.  I love sugar these days and I'm afraid it's truly a Corrigan and loves sugar.  I'm not really a fan, I'll pass up a chocolate cake or candy bar any day for a slice of cheese, but not lately.  I'd rather eat both ... with an extra side of candy.

And then there's the weight issue.  It's not so much about how much I'm losing or gaining ... actually, I'm not losing, just gaining, but it's all about my clothes.  Mike and I were going to be early for church this past Sunday (that's only ever happened once ... ever) except for when it came time to put my layers of shirts on, I tried shirt after shirt, realizing that none of them fit and the 2 that I like that do fit were in the dirty laundry.  So with 2 minutes left to get to church on time, I called out for Mike and explained my problem.  He went through every shirt I own with me and asked me if I wanted to try the shirt on.  Each time I told him, "No, it doesn't fit," or "No, those clothes don't go together."  After 10 minutes we finally came to a conclusion.  Sadly, this isn't the first time this has happened.  But I don't want maternity clothes because I'm not big enough for them yet ... rough life.

The list goes on and on as to what I worry about with this pregnancy.  And we now have 2 weeks left until we find out the gender and I think about it constantly.  There's really just no room for menial things like work ... apparently.

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