Tuesday, January 19, 2010

week 16 day 3

I've actually been sick the past couple of days, well, nauseated.  It's weird to feel all of these sick feelings like back a couple of months ago.  Yesterday, a few friends and I went out to lunch and it smelled very strongly of fried foods smoke which is something that I can't stand still.  It was hard to eat my delicious ultimate cheese / pesto sandwich ... mmm.

Also, it may be our fridge that is causing the sickness.  It stinks.  Mike can't ever smell it but it does and I can tell it does.  I don't think even our baking soda knows how awful it is.  There is just something so gross about it.  I clean it out, a good clean out, once a week and every day I go through it and throw out everything that's a couple days old to get rid of the smell.  Somehow we always get more food to put it in, hence the smell.  Yesterday the apartment smelled wonderful from chili and bread baking but now today, it stinks from the left over chili.  Maybe I need to learn how to make foods in smaller portions.

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