Sunday, November 29, 2009

week 9 day 1

The cruise was great. For some reason, I didn't have hardly any nausea or too much fatigue. Well, when we were in the car, I slept quite a bit but I think the fact that our room was at the very bottom of the ship and the food was at almost the very top and we walked up and down the stairs almost every time to get to where we needed to go helped. In fact, Mike was much more sick than I was throughout the vacation.

The scary thing, however, is the fact that my symptoms did go away suddenly. It would make sense if I was at the week I thought I should be at ... 13 weeks ... but alas, we're only at 9. But next Tuesday we go back to the doctor to see how things are progressing which should mean that we get to hear the heart beat and then we get to tell all of you!

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