Friday, November 20, 2009

week 7 day 6

I just happened to have my camera back a week and a half ago from doing a photo shoot that morning so I just had to take a picture of this because I don't think I've had a scarier day in my life and I needed proof ... and a reminder. This was the little slip that I was to take to Orem in order to have my ultrasound done.

Dx (diagnosis): no fetal heart tones

But it's a week and a half later and we actually got to see the little fetal body pumping away and we feel so blessed. We even have 2 pictures of the little one. I'll have to scan them in and put them up one of these days.

I'm getting really nervous about our trip to California and cruise to Mexico. I was driving in the car today for about 10 minutes and felt really sick by the end of the trip. Well, tomorrow and Sunday I get to spend 6 hours in the car. I'm just not sure if my little stomach is going to do okay. I hope it will, but I'm nervous. I got some medicine to help with nausea so I'm really counting on it to help me through this next week!

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