Wednesday, March 28, 2012

week 34 day 5

I've been dreading week 34.  My sister-in-law and my cousin both recently had their babies at 34 weeks and I was starting to feel like it was a trend.  You never know.  Besides, don't they say that things come in threes?

Anyway, we're almost out of week 34 which I'm excited about.  I'm not, however, so excited about the fact that the baby seems to have dropped already which is nice because he hasn't kicked my ribs in three days.  But it's bad because there's times he honestly feels like he's about to slip out.  I know, it's not possible.  But it feels possible.

Plus, all the great sleep I've been getting these past few weeks is now being ruined with how awkward it feels to have him so low.  Last night, I was pretty sure that if I looked down, I was going to see his little hand.  That's how low he feels.

I finally got a back/belly support brace and I feel like I'm back at week 20.  It feels great.  My back still hurts and my stomach muscle still hurts, but it's a lot less often.  I wear the brace almost all day and when I take it off (or K runs up and unvelcros it from my belly), I remember why I wear it - it hurts without it!

It's really hard to believe that in about 5 weeks we'll have another little baby.  Somedays I feel like having 2 kids will be no big deal and then other days, I can't believe I signed myself up for this.  In fact, most days I can't believe that most people have more than 1 kid.  How do you keep track of more than one kid?  Well, I guess I'm about to find out.

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