Friday, March 16, 2012

week 33 day 1

It's really hard to believe that we're due in seven weeks.  That doesn't seem like enough time.

The baby loves to move, especially when I'm holding K.  She seems to nudge him just enough to wake him up or bother him that he starts fighting back.

Nothing too new is happening in pregnancy.  My skin is still stretching, the baby is still growing, and the baby still moves quite a bit.  I woke up in a panic this morning because I hadn't really felt him move much in the past 12 hours but he's been moving quite a bit this afternoon so I'm not as stressed.

K loves to point out babies and runs up to my tummy every time she sees it, points, smiles, and says "baby!"  I think she understands better now that there is a baby although we think she's still going to point to my stomach in a few months and say "baby."  But maybe not.  She does seem to learn pretty fast.

I was holding a baby the other day and Mike and K came into the room.  K rushed over to me saying "baby baby" repeatedly and gave the baby a hug.  She just wanted to cuddle with the baby but I didn't want to make him sick so she had to leave.  I put the baby in his crib and even after he was no longer in the room, she'd run to his room and check on him.  If Mike or I would follow her, she'd put her finger up to her lips and say, "shhhh" as we would enter the room.  She absolutely loves babies.

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