Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's different having 3 kids live above you - the weirdest part is that they have a one year old who sounds almost exactly like K so when either of them cry, I am ready to go rescue my little cutie from whatever is making her upset.  Usually, however, it's not K.  It's the other baby.  So I rush into K's bedroom only to find her sound asleep.

The new neighbors have woken K up quite a few times these last 5 days that they've lived here but I'm guessing it's just because she hasn't been in a deep enough sleep yet because she's quite a good sleeper when she wants to be.  Last night was an interesting night though because they had woken K up so she was crying but their baby was crying too so sitting in the living room gave you surround sound of crying (because a vent from our living room to their kitchen lets in a lot of sound).

Today K was a grumpy pants.  I'm not sure why, but she would be fine for a while and then all of the sudden she would complain.  Yet a few minutes later she was fine again.  It may be because she didn't sleep well or maybe she wasn't feeling well or maybe she just wasn't having a good day - it's hard to tell with her.

But once again, the funniest part of my day was when we were at a staff Christmas party.  Christa was holding K (at this point, there was no reason for her holding K, she was just nice and held her) while we were playing a game.  Well, Christa got really excited and everyone else let out a semi-enthusiastic "yay" and it was all just too loud for K so she busted out her high-pitched, intense scream/cry which made everyone pretty quiet.  I'm not sure why she hates loud noises so much but she does and my poor coworkers get to hear her cry every single time it happens.

In better news, K is getting really good at sitting up all by herself and her current favorite toy is all of these rings that we've linked together.  You can't really see them but she loves to look at them and chew on them.  She's not providing any evidence in this photo here, but she's actually also getting much better at picking up items like we would pick them up and not putting them between her pointer and middle finger.  But as you can see here, the ring is between those two fingers on her right hand.

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