Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If you haven't ever seen the television show, "Modern Family," I'd suggest watching at least one episode.  It takes a couple of episodes to understand the characters but I enjoy the show.

Last week's episode involved Lily, a little baby/toddler, who had started biting people.  Mike and I thought it was pretty funny and since Lily looks a bit like K, we could totally see K doing that at some point in the future.  Little did we know, we only had to wait a couple of days.

Sunday at Mike's family's FHE, Mike's sister was holding K while she said a prayer.  She had just started when she let out a loud, "Ouch!"  We all opened our eyes to see what was wrong and she said, "She bit my thumb!"  We all closed our eyes and giggled throughout the rest of the prayer.

We still think K's going to get teeth sometime soon with the way she gnaws on everything, but maybe she just likes chewing.  It's really hard to say right now.

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  1. Modern family is awesome. I haven't seen that episode, I'll have to hulu it. I'm SO glad I got to see you and your absolutely adorable baby this weekend!