Monday, October 25, 2010

Sometimes being a parent is a real bummer.  Okay, I've only been one for 3 1/2 months but now that K has an actual schedule each day, it's really effected me and my schedule. 

I have a couple of experiences that demonstrate this from the past week.

One:  There was this fundraiser up in Kaysville this past Friday that I really wanted to go to ... the guitarist from Dashboard Confessional ... but I have this baby and finding someone to watch her last minute so we could go just wasn't an option for us.  So we stayed home.  Well, kind of.  I had a staff meeting, then we had family pictures, then we had to go eat at Thai Ruby, but by dinner time, we would have been late anyway.

Two:  Sometimes there's friend-gatherings that I would really like attend but it's tough when we need to be home before 9 pm to start getting K ready for bed. 

I guess really, it's just a tough transition to get used to.  Sometimes I really miss the days when Mike and I would decide we wanted to go somewhere, do something, so we just got up and left.  Now we have to think about feedings, naps, and if K is even going to want to be there with us.  Will we be able to keep her in her car seat or will we need to carry her because she gets upset if she wants to see things and she can't?

But no matter how many hard times there are, we sure do love her and are so grateful for her.  Plus who doesn't love being asked every week, "Is she real?  She looks like my doll ..."  And I'm grateful for those people because now I know what she's going to be tonight for the Family Night Out.

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