Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I cleaned up the worst mess I've ever seen from K this morning. 

See, K and I were intensely watching the news this morning - the live feed of the Chilean miners who were being rescued.  As K sat on a pillow on my lap, I shed some tears and K smiled as we watched a miner being pulled from the mine he had been stuck in for the past 70 days ... it was a precious moment.  (Don't worry, she usually doesn't watch television unless she is able to get herself moved so she can steal a glance before we catch her.)

Then I smelled a funny smell.  Assuming it was her diaper and that her diaper had caught everything, we continued to watch.  It was starting to really smell so after a minute or so, I looked down.  Yep, runny, brown stuff had pooled around her legs and bottom on the pillow.  For the past week, it's been very runny and it's not fun to clean up in her diaper (we're taking her in today to make sure she's okay).  This was a mess.

As I wallowed in self pity, K just smiled.  I don't know if she just felt better inside, if she thought it was funny that I was so miserable, or if she was just glad that I was finally cleaning her up, but she would not stop smiling.  She was so happy.  And that made the whole ordeal 100% better.

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