Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little K is growing up so much!  Her most recent thing is her toes.  I don't think she quite understands what they are yet, but she knows they're always there and she can always grab them.

She used to always fall asleep in her car seat but she's starting to get really antsy in her car seat these days.  She doesn't like sitting still in it and she doesn't like to sleep in it anymore.  So days like today make me really wish I wasn't working.  She spent quite a few hours in her car seat today, or at least being transported in it, and so she didn't get much sleep.  By the time tonight rolled around, she was so tired and I felt so bad for her.  But although she would cry a bit and look at me like she was really sad, I would smile at her and tell her I was sorry that she didn't sleep in her car seat and she would give me a big smile.  Her smiles just melt my heart.  I love them.

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