Sunday, June 27, 2010

week 39 day 1

I've got a foot trying to stick out my side. There's just this one place on my belly that she likes to push at. I normally try to grab at it quickly and repeatedly and I don't think she likes it. She always retracts her foot but within a few seconds, she'll put it right back there so maybe she doesn't dislike it as much as we think she does. I showed Mike yesterday and had him do it and that was fun.

I feel like everyday that I get asked how I'm doing, my "doing well" goes down a notch. Today the Bishop asked how I was doing and I said I am fine, but it definitely felt like a lie. I'll probably have to go talk to him about that later. With each day that passes, I get more and more tired of pain and the unexpected and more and more excited and equally scared to have her here with us. I've been told this by many mothers but never realized how true it actually is. It's such a scary, exciting time in life.

It's getting really hard though to watch everyone else with their babies. It makes me more and more excited to have here out here with us and sad that she's waiting so long.

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  1. Yay for week 39! Your little nursery look so cute, I love it. I've heard for a lot of women they have their baby soon after their membranes are maybe...