Tuesday, March 16, 2010

week 24 day 3

So most recently, I've developed this odd burning pain in my upper left abdomen.  It burns after about 5 minutes of sitting down and it's not pleasant at all.  Sunday it burned almost all day and so I decided I should definitely go to the doctor.  Hoping that this was all because of pregnancy, I went to the doctor this morning and luckily I was right.  Seeing as I'm trying to make room for a baby, everything is getting squished and is causing my insides to become uncomfortably squished.  I can expect this to happen every pregnancy now.  Fun.

I am now able to feel the baby moving along my stomach now days.  It's a pretty odd feeling.  I'm still quite unsure as to whether I'm feeling a leg, arm, shoulder, or any other body part but I can feel her and it's amazing. 

Last night I was in a staff meeting and she was moving and squirming like crazy.  My guess is that the really hard kicks are actually kicks and the softer ones are punches, but I can't be sure 100%.  However, last night, I'm pretty sure she was kicking.  She was kicking at a nice steady pace and since it was distracting me from paying attention, I put my hand on my belly and tried to move her.  As I was moving my hand in and up, she started kicking like crazy with both legs.  I don't think she liked it much and I just let her punch and kick however she pleased for the rest of the meeting, as distracting as it was to see my stomach move every couple of seconds.

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  1. I'm sorry about the burning. That's not fun at all. I love hearing about Katie moving around. It warms my heart...that sounds corny, but I definitely felt a warming sensation.