Sunday, February 28, 2010

week 22 day 1

I think my body has finally had enough of me.  This past week has been full of work and stress with a few goodies like finding out our little baby is a girl!

Friday night, I spent then evening with my coworkers, mentors, and mentees at a gymnastics meet.  Before getting to see the event, however, I spent over an hour and a half in the cold ... freezing.  Yesterday morning, Saturday, I woke up with a yucky cough and today I am dead.

Yesterday was full of basketball games and shopping.  Katie kicked quite a bit and I am pretty sure she has found that my bladder makes a soft punching bag.  I try to keep it emptied but I can only use the restroom so many times during one basketball game.

I've noticed that she kicks a lot when I have a really strong beat going on around me.  For example, at the gymnastics meet, one girl was doing her floor routine to a song that had a strong beat.  Katie kicked and kicked until the song was over.  It was a lot of fun to not only hear the beat, but feel it as well.

This pregnancy has also caused me to want to sleep a lot.  I'm still mystified as to how mothers with one or more child is ever up and going while pregnant.  But I've decided that I need to take advantage of these days where I can just rest without work or stress because I don't know how many more days ahead of me I will be able to enjoy this. 

Mike and I decided this morning that Katie is going to be very spoiled and has a lot of expectations already and isn't even born yet!  I want to protect her as much as I can from this.  I also want to make sure that Mike and I get to enjoy this first child.  As much as we enjoy others' help with buying things and others' opinions, there are many who have already had the opportunity to buy things for their first child.  We are excited to be able to go shopping (or I go shopping and bring things home) for our new little girl.  This is our only chance to experience everything that goes along with our first child and we are excited to experience this together!


  1. I agree with you! Sometimes I wonder how mom's with more than one child handle being pregnant. Especially when I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed, I would think about what the heck I would do if I felt that sick but still had another child that needs taking care of. I guess I'll find out one day how mom's do it. :)

  2. Are you naming her Katie then? That's cute!