Thursday, December 24, 2009

week 12 day 5

Almost to the 2nd trimester! Exciting stuff!

Well, I've definitely gained more of a belly. I was really hungry last night and Mike said he'd take me anywhere to eat dinner so of course, I chose Cafe Rio. Somehow, after 5 years of loving that place and eating at it constantly, I never tire of it. I ate half of a burrito and a lot of chips and salsa. It was good and added to the pudge on my belly. Thank you Cafe Rio!

We then went to Sub Zero to share a small ice cream. It was very good. We got Mt. Dew syrup with gummy bears. It's my second favorite. However, I had 2 small bites and then realized that I'm eating caffeine so I quickly stopped and wished I had more of a gag reflex than I do.

Isn't it interesting that pregnancy follows the Word of Wisdom (D&C 89)? Something as miraculous as pregnancy encourages the correct way to eat and live. I find it amazing how if we live the gospel and its principles, we are protected. In this case of pregnancy, we are protected from unnecessary miscarriages and deformities.


  1. Congratulations!! Wow, what a fun Christmas card to get in the mail today--what a fun way to announce the news! This is going to be a fun, busy year for new grandkids, aye? And the cousins will get to play together and have so much fun!

  2. Oh Kim! I don't know if I could keep the news secret for that long! I appreciate this blog though...I love it! Grab me if you ever need anything okay? Studying does not over rule my prego sister-in-law! Love you.

  3. I've had the exact same thoughts about the Word of Wisdom. Love it.