Sunday, December 20, 2009

week 12 day 1

The first trimester is almost over and boy am I glad! I'm not having very many pregnancy symptoms at all, except for gaining weight and fatigue, but I'm just so ready to have the little one here! Back in the days of my women's health class, 9 months seemed like it wasn't very long for all of the changes a body goes through during pregnancy. Right now, however, I feel like the baby should be done ... time to come out of the incubator and get on with this! I'm so ready!

But I've heard that the last couple of months are the hardest because you're ready to just have the baby which means if I'm this anxious now, I can only begin to imagine what I'll be like in a few more months!

There is just something awful about seeing food in the sink. It's all watery and gross looking and if I had the ability to throw up more often, I probably would by looking at dishes in the sink. Wednesday we were getting ready to leave. I couldn't find the lid to one of my containers, however, so everyone was looking for it. Camron, that nice man, happened to find it in the sink! He pulled it out, held it up for all of us to see, and said, "I found it!" Ha!

Ugh. It looked so gross. It was a gravy lid so it had brown goop all over it, as well as other things from the sink. Water had so kindly decided to mix itself in with the others. My pregnant friend and I looked away when my pregnant friend's husband ran over to him and took it from him and said, "You're new to this, aren't you?" as my friend and I tried not to gag. It was quite the experience.

But this goes for a lesson to all of you: I, being pregnant, do not like to see things from the sink and other pregnant ladies probably do not either. Please, please, please think about this before you wave around a gross looking lid from the sink.

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